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Icons Are Teh L O V E !
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Hey, welcome to hitlerwasavegan and traffictrauma's icon community. This was created this for the enjoyment of making icons and flaunting (^__^) them and besides, we love to share. If you want to know us, you may visit our personal LJs.

NOTE: We have closed the posting access, which means, we are the only ones who'll be doing all the posts. We hope you understand that. So may we suggest that you simply friend the community. But never forget: everyone is free to add. We will be touched if you did (^__^).

Though I am teh popular with randomness, anyone may comment on which theme I should base the icons (I run out of ideas pretty fast o_O). Props go to that person of course. Now that’s pretty different from making requests. -hitlerwasavegan

Do check out the memories for a list of past icons.

1. Comment if taking. It’s always nice to know people are using our icons.
2. Credit the icon maker in keywords: iconsarelove or hitlerwasavegan or traffictrauma
3. Don’t alter any of the icons.
4. Don’t steal, DUH it’s bad.
5. Please, NO HOT LINKING, we're sensitive when it comes to our bandwidth exceeding. (I'm really serious on this one, it exceeded once and it was hardwork fixing it up. C'mon, it's really disrespectful. -hitlerwasavegan)

You are free to nab the icons as long as you follow the rules.

This is where I get my brushes, textures, screencaps… Ya know, those things. To view the list, click here.

Here are the places where we post some of the icons:
xceleb_iconsx, we_want_icons, icons, 1cons, ___randomicons, actoricons, c_s_i, celebicons, csicons, hilton_icons, icon_pimp, icon_pimping, iconaddicts, iconarama, _fandom_icons_, boygasmic_icons, movieicons, musicicons, obsessive_icons, icon_whores, fun_icons, shameless_plugs, 100x100movies

dinosaurrricons, bugsandleeches_, icon_post_it